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Talent Tree

 Stat Priority

Expertise (2018)> Accuracy (105%) > Surge (70%) > Power > Crit (25%) 

Detailed Primary Stats

Expertise Rating: Increases your PvP Damage Boost, Damage Reduction and Heals. The cap (2018) provides 60% PvP Damage Boost, 37.5% Damage Reduction and 35% Healing Boost.

Cunning: Increases the damage done by your abilities and slightly improves your Critical Chance (by ~0.003 per point).
Keep in mind that as Operatives, due to the Imperial Education talent that gives us +9% of total Cunning, plus the +5% Cunning from the Inquisitor Buff, Cunning is the stat to go for above the rest when it comes to bonus damage output. In other words, go for those Cunning Augments!

Detailed Secondary Stats

Accuracy Rating: Depending on the class, players have a 5-10% Defense Chance which can be countered by getting to 105% Accuracy.

Surge Rating: Increases the amount of additional damage done by critical hits by this percentage. Going beyond 70% (~395 Surge Rating) Critical Multiplier is affected by diminishing returns.

Power/Tech Power: Increases the bonus damage of your abilities by 0.23 damage per point. Power is available on mods, unlike Tech Power, which is only available on weapons. Power increases all damage done while Tech Power only benefits your Tech abilities (you can see which abilities are "Tech" in your spell book).

I went through some expensive testing with Power Augments versus Cunning Augments, and the result showed Power always yielding more bonus damage. But, in the end, the extra crit gained from Cunning allows us to replace some Crit mods for Power, which ultimately yields superior dps over straight up Power Augments. Still, not a bad substitute if you can't afford the cunning ones!

Critical Rating: Increases your chances for scoring a critical hit. Above 25% Critical Chance, diminishing returns start to take effect.

A Word On Bolster

As anyone who wants to PVP knows, the Bolster/Expertise System is a convoluted mess. "Luckily," in the SWTOR forums, a fellow community member has laid out a pretty well explanation of Bolster in PVP and how you should gear to get the most out of it. Below is the guide posted by Icykill_

Anyone new to PVP or even older pvpers who don't understand how bolster works are gearing incorrectly for WZs from 21 to and including LVL 60

Expertise is your most important stat in PVP... Period...
You should always aim to have 2018 maximum expertise Bolster over any other stat including main stats and endurance

It is easy to accomplish once you reach LVL 21 you can get 2018 expertise...
To do this you must always have every slot filled... Including implants, ear and relics... It doesn't even matter if they are the right main stats for your toon.... Lots of people tell me they can't afford the relics or implants early on... But this is where you could equip some of the ones you pick up even if not for your class... Atleast till you can afford the right ones

Once you reach about 50 it can be a little more complicated to have 2018 expertise because of the way Bolster works...
Basic rule... When you upgrade a piece, check either in pvp or at the fleet bolster terminal to see if it has affected your expertise... This shouldn't really be too much of a problem until you reach 53-55... But check anyway
Once you get to 55 the simplest rule is never, ever use items over 162 or you lose Bolstered Expertise... It doesn't matter if your main stats aren't higher or endurance... Expertise mitigates this... Ie if you have 1000 expertise but 42000 health... You can expect to be hit with 16000-18000 Crit hits regularly instead of less regular 7000-11000 Crit hits... When with full bolstered 156-162 gear you will have 33000-34000 health at 55
Even Equiping all 162 gear will give you negative Bolster... Once you reach the critical amount of stats Bolster works from it reduces expertise... Because 162 PVE gear has higher main stats than 162 pvp gear it reduces it... So to get around this some people including myself equip 148 mods and enhancements in our main hand and off hand... This gives you full 2018 expertise
Too many people from LVL 55 wear 168-192 or what ever the highest PVE gear is... Thinking that this helps them... It doesn't... It makes them a target for everyone who knows how bolster works... In Arena, anyone who has health higher than they should, if they had 2018 Expertise, is the first target normally... You are squishy period, no matter your health
Blue or purple LVL 148-156 gear is so cheap now... There should be no reason you don't atleast have this equipped instead of the higher gear that too many people are wearing

For those pre 50, you should always aim to have gear no lower than 5 lvls below... It's not because you lose main stats from having lower, you don't really... But because you can lose out on secondary stats you get from gear closer to your LVL... As you start to LVL you get less secondary stat bolster... So it will gradually reduce those stats and you need to take responsibility in maintaining them... But if you have the highest LVL gear and don't maintain the right mix of secondary stats you can also lose some... I know this is convoluted... To make it easier I try to have purple gear 2 -3 lvls below my max LVL... This seems to give me the right balance

Augments and Bolster work a bit different... You can have any augment LVL you want... But if you go over a certain LVL of stats you lose health to compensate... But you don't lose expertise... You can decide if you prefer the extra other stats or the extra health

I know this system is convoluted, but that is the current state of the Bolster/expertise system...
At the end of the day if you don't have 2018 expertise it is detrimental to yourself and you are a burden on your team and they will need to carry you

If I have forgotten anything, please add your thoughts


Here are some Vidoes that sum up the differences between wearing gear that gives you full expertise and wearing gear with low expertise
A special thanks to Quinan for making them


Also thanks to Biscreet for putting these numbers together

186/178/168/162 armor.
Stats 186 Endo = 4033 / Willpower = 2690 / Expertise = 0 (without bolstering)
Stats 186 Endo = 4033 / Willpower = 2690 / Expertise =1076 (bolstering)
Stats 178 Endo = 4202 / Willpower = 2682 / Expertise =1092 (bolstering)
Stats 168 Endo = 4179 / Willpower = 2658 / Expertise =1104 (bolstering)
Stats 168 Endo = 4164 / Willpower = 2646 / Expertise =1113 (bolstering)

If you find this thread useful... Please rate it at the bottom of the page so we can try and get it made a sticky, then more people can benefit from it

For the full post, click here.

Item Modification

The Armoring will always be Endurance, Cunning, and Expertise, so instead, I have pointed out Set Bonuses that can are provided by PVP Armor sets.

Armoring Set Bonus

PVE 2P Laceration and Corrosive Assault increase damage dealt by 2% for 15 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.

PVE 4P Backstab and Leathal Strike's energy cost is reduced by 2.

PVE 6P Activating Shiv and Veiled Strike will grant Enforcer’s Critical Bonus making your next volatile Substance and Corrosive Assault critically hit. This effect can only occur once every minute.

Advanced Beguiling Barrel  + Endurance, + Cunning, + Expertise

Color Crystal
Advanced War Hero's + Expertise

Advanced Artful + Cunning, + Endurance, + Expertise, + Power
Advanced Keen + Cunning, + Endurance, + Expertise, + Crit

Advanced Acute + Endurance, + Expertise, + Accuracy, + Crit
Advanced Adept + Endurance, + Expertise, + Power, + Surge

Advanced Battle + Endurance, + Expertise, + Crit, + Surge
Advanced Initiative +Endurance, + Expertise, + Accuracy, + Power

Advanced Skill + Endurance, + Cunning
Advanced Fortitude + Endurance, + Power
Advanced Overkill + Endurance, + Power

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