Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Game Update 2.7: Invasion

It has been a while since there have been an update here my fellow Operatives. But, for good reason. There has been nothing to update about! That is, until now. Today, marks the release of patch 2.7! New stories, new flashpoints, and of course, new changes! So, without further ado, following is your Operative / Scoundrel friendly patch notes! Enjoy! :D

For full patch notes, click here!

Game Update 2.6: Galactic Starfighter

Imperial Agent

•Shield Probe has had its cooldown reduced to 20 seconds, its maximum duration reduced to 10 seconds, and now absorbs slightly more damage per use.
•Flashbang now only blinds a single target.

•Entrench is no longer removed when leaving cover. However, the player must return to cover to gain the protections offered by Entrench.

Lethality (Sniper)
•Hold Your Ground now reduces the cooldown of Shield Probe by 2/4 seconds (down from 7.5/15 seconds).

•Preparedness now allows Flashbang to blind up to 5 targets within 5 meters.
•Exfiltrate has been redesigned. Using Exfiltrate grants a charge lasting 10 seconds that allows the player to Exfiltrate again within a 10 second window, after the second roll the ability goes on a ten second cooldown. If the charge is not used during this ten second window the ability remains off cooldown to be used again at a later time. In addition the energy cost has been removed making the ability free to use and the player no longer Exfiltrates a shorter distance if snared.

•Surgical Precision now grants Tactical Advantage when Surgical Probe is used regardless of the target’s health, but this effect can only occur once every 10 seconds.

•Shadow Operative Elite now gives the Exfiltrating Operative a short window of defense against all attack types (which stacks with Exfiltrate's normal defense bonuses).
•Jarring Strikes now grants a buff that makes Backstab not require being behind the target after using Hidden Strike for 10 seconds and now immobilizes the target 3 seconds instead of knocking them down.

Lethality (Operative)
•Escape Plan now reduces the cooldown of Shield Probe by 2/4 seconds (down from 7.5/15 seconds).
•Quickening now has a 50%/100% chance to make the next Kolto Infusion activate instantly, cost no energy, and not require or consume Tactical Advantage.

Taking a closer look at the changes, and appeasing the TL;DR crowd, we can summarize with the following:

- Shield Probe got buffed. Good! We can use more survivability.

- Flashbang has stayed the same for us Operatives due to our Passive Preparedness.

- Exfiltrate has been nerfed in terms of PVP. Two rolls every 10 seconds can be a real game changer in the likes of Huttball and Civil War. For PVE, no the other hand, I would actually consider it a buff. You get two free rolls to move out of stuff without worrying about having the energy to spare or not. Suck it, Corruptor Zero!
*NOTE* Exfiltrate now dodges all attack types for 1.5 seconds if you're Concealment.

- You can now Backstab the face after using Hidden Strike. You need to do it within 10 seconds though. Which should NOT be an issue.

So, overall, the changes this patch were not game breaking for us. Some things were beneficial, some, not so much. But overall, nothing major happened. In regards to PVE of course. As for PVP, that Exfiltrate nerf might be quite impactful. But, only time can really tell. Until next time, go craft those lvl 34 enhancements, mods and armorings! If you can afford it.

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