Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Worm Food No More

Hell, It's About Time

Let it be recorded that October 28, 2013, is the day the silence died. With all his cunning and everlasting endurance, Eric Musco has fortunately climbed out of the Sarlacc Pit that we all feared he had stumbled into. After dusting himself off, he addressed the onlooking Agents and Smugglers, easing the tension and anger bestowed upon them by shining light on their future:

Hey everyone,

As you are no doubt aware, we are being careful in how fast and how drastic we make Class changes. Although we are starting that journey in Game Update 2.5, that is certainly not all of the changes that will happen in the future. As a part of that, one of the things we agree on is that DPS Operatives could use a little bit of love.

The reason I am making this thread, is that we are curious on what your ideas might be for your class! This is specifically for Concealment and Lethality. What changes would you like to see to those specs to give them a little bit of help in PvE and PvP.

I am going to be combing through this thread and passing your feedback on to the Combat team. I do want to add a disclaimer to this. Just because a suggestion is made in this thread, or even agreed on by multiple posters, in no way implies it will be put into the game. The purpose of this is to share ideas. At the end of the day it will still come down to the decisions of the Combat Team! This is just an opportunity to add some player insight to the discussion.

If you are more of the Scoundrel persuasion, there is a separate thread for that, here.

Originial post can be found by clicking here.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the moment we have been waiting for. All the discussions in the forums with all the whining, complaining, fighting, and crying, have ultimately opened the windows of opportunity. Now, what we need to do is make sure we DON’T shut it immediately with more unhinged malarkey!

On a previous post, I had stated that, due to reasons KNOWN to us, the current change of Overload Shot being buffed, was NOT going to be the only change. Update 2.5 is not here yet. In fact, it’s a bit of a ways away. Thus, it was only logical that there would be more updates to come with it. And as you read above, we can be positive that more changes will come.

This is where we get down to serious business. With all our angry flailing behind us, we can organize our thoughts, wrap them up in a nice and shiny box, place it on Musco’s desk with a “Thank You” letter on top of it, and walk away with a grin on our faces. In other words, this is not the discussion to wail then pillage intellectual opinions with rubbish. But instead, the time where we, as a community, sit, collaborate and listen to the opinions and suggestions out there to better improve our class in PVE/PVP.

More than ever we need to band together and push towards a change that is logical and agreed upon by the players, Musco, and ultimately, the Combat Team. Don’t post random thoughts if you can help yourself. Work off of someone else’s suggestions that you agree on. If you have an opinion, I guarantee someone out there has posted something covering your idea. Find it, regurgitate it, and work off of it. The more adamant we are on solid suggestions, the better chance we have of opening the Combat Team and Musco to the possibility of change.

That’s what I’ll be doing, and I suggest you all do the same.


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