Friday, August 2, 2013

Hyperspace Exhaustion

So, for the past couple weeks, as you can tell, there have been no updates to the website! No need to worry though, the reason behind the "slacking" is the fact that I have relocated from Miami, Florida to Ft. Worth, Texas! The time that I have missed in updates were replaced with packing, preparing, selling, partying, driving, arriving, buying, sleeping, and many other things that are involved in relocating! Point is, I am currently settling down still but should be ready to begin playing SWTOR again and making updates to this site in the upcoming weeks.

I am currently posting this as I lay on the floor in the apartment living room where my computer currently is setup until I find a good desk! :( In other words, it is not the most comfortable of spots to be in for a prolonged period of time, which is required in order to play SWTOR (for me). Anyways, the point is, this site isn't dead nor in a hiatus! I've just been ridiculously busy and am exhausted from traveling 20 hours by car.

"See" you all soon!

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