Monday, July 1, 2013

Our Mission Statement

Our goal at ConcealedBlade is to provide fans, followers, and players of Star Wars: The Old Republic a resourceful and reliable guide for the Imperial Agent Operative class. Though Concealment is the current primary focus, the plan is to eventually include and cover the Lethality and Medic specialties (once I familiarize myself with them). Of course, this will take time due to the fact that I'm the sole writer of the website.

Be that as it may, big things are still planned for this site. To give but a taste, some upcoming updates will include:
  • Expanded Leveling Guide
  • Legacy & Guild Perks
  • Companion Compendium
  • Operative Specific Datacrons
  • Lvl. 55 Operations Guide
  • and more!
Keep in mind that the site's updates are prioritized in a manner that benefits both the reader and the writer. In other words, if Bioware announces a big change to some aspect of the game, I will not write extensively about the current version due to it's impending change. Instead, the focus will be diverted to a relevant topic to better suit the reader(s).

I thank you all in advance for visiting this site and hopefully one day making it an integral part of the SWTOR community. All tips and comments are welcome. ConcealedBlade does have a forum so any commentary can definitely be placed there as well for it will be read as soon as possible.

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