Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Datacrons Guide

Unlimited Powaaaaaa!!!
Good news, everyone! The Datacrons Guide is now live and kicking. As previously mentioned, this guide is specifically aimed towards Imperial Agents in the sense that I have only focused on Cunning Datacrons. Presence and Endurance, though valuable, are not critical for your DPS. So, I did not focus on them.

In the guide you will find a table of contents including the planets (that contain Cunning Datacrons) in alphabetical order, a video guide on how to find them (not my videos) and a specified time for the video for you to skip to so you wont have to waste time watching through the whole video waiting on the Cunning one to pop up.

You're welcome! And enjoy :D

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Leveling Guide was updated as well. I added pictures of the leveling talent trees. You no longer have to pop up a new window to see the tree. Though you still have the option to.

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