Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Coming Soon

Prepare yourselves!
First, I will like to apologize for my lack of updates lately. I've been very busy as I get ready to move from Miami, Florida to Ft.Worth, Texas. I leave in two weeks and I've got a lot of things to do before I leave! Clearly, these things are what is taking up my time. That said, I'm still working on some goodies for you all!

Currently, I'm working on compiling a list of Datacron locations along with videos, specifically for Operatives. In other words, I will be focusing on the Cunning Datacrons along with the Red Matrix Shards. The videos are not my own due to that taking a lot longer than expected, also, there are plenty of video guides out there on Datacrons.

So, my goal here is to facilitate your search by pointing out the planets that hold Cunning ones and pinpointing locations and times on the videos for you to skip to and not have to waste time watching through the entirety of videos.

While we're on the subject of Datacrons, I suggest checking out Ask Mr.Robot's character builder. Not only are you able to input your characters information (to have your own armory to show to people), but it also holds a Datacron checklist that you can hold onto in order for you to track your progress on them! It's really handy!

Here is Du'morte's armory page, for those curious!

Note: It seems like the website either has no been updated in some time or may be buggy because not all the statistics are accurate, even after all the mods and gear have been inputted correctly.

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